A First Logistics Challenge by OTM

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 A Hackathon is still a relatively new concept outside of the start-up world; Logistic and shipper companies of the future can also enjoy significant benefits from this concept.


A hackathon is an event, where a problem must be resolved under high time pressure. Specialists from specific industries, try to work out a solution as a team (cfr. Wikipedia). The success of a hackathon is based on the challenge(s), in which the participants have been asked to engage in. They require a creative mindset, complemented by logic  and understanding. It is important that the participants, students, consultants and company teams, also strive to reach workable solutions,  which can be put into practice soon after. The logistic problem case has to be sufficiently defined, and should also leave sufficient space for flexible interpretation.

Take part and meet the challenge!

This Hackathon is open to everyone and participation is FREE OF CHARGE, but you must sign up to join in the fun.

 Everyone can participate: whether you are a student or a professional, a consultant or a team leader, on an individual basis or with a team (max. 5 people). The more, the merrier! Erasmus-students and individuals who prefer the English language to pitch in, are welcome too. The event will be conducted in two languages (Dutch and English).


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Whatever the problem might be, a hackathon is a magnificent tool to add to the wide collection of means to support a  company’s management, to add to existing favourites such as brainstorming and other forms of critical thinking etc. This is enabled by the fact that the ideas and innovative alternatives are generated, not by insiders and staff, but by external thinkers, who look at things with a new  fresh persepctive. That is exactly what makes the hackathon concept so attractive. No pointless presentations or vague concepts, but 24 hours of intensive experimenting with new technologies, throw in some IT pros and perhaps some coding talents with an exciting concept that can generate magnificent results!

Look at all the practical details and see what to expect.

What a jury! Our jury is composed of CEOs from start-up companies, for whom innovation, ecology and closerelationships are considered of primary importance. They are active in various industry sectors and have extensive experience with assessments. Meet our jury here.

SAVE THE DATE 16-17 November 2018

Friday 16/11/2018: Creative thinkers and visitors are welcome from 4 pm – 10.30 pm.
 Saturday 17/11/2018 thinkers and visitors are welcome from 9 am –  The gala party starts at 7 pm. Hackathon ends after midnight.



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